Terry Black's BBQ Redesign

Took my favorite BBQ spot in the ATX's website and redesigned it for a better user experience. Used Adobe XD.

Problem: Home page does not have a great Accessibility score.  The original colors did not contrast well with the background image. In addition, the background image wasn't the very high in resolution for larger screens. Lastly, the links didn't appear to be clickable and it didn't appear to look like a CTA. Below is the original design.

Solution: - Added a more modern approach with the design removing the background image as the hero and added a fully loaded plate to make the users salivate over what the team at Terry's has to offer.  

- Fixed the Navbar to have links easier for the user to find and navigate through.

- The CTA's now stand out for users to understand which location they are interested in and for Google to determine whether it is a link.

- Fixed mobile design as the majority of users are mobile for the client.

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