Portfolio 4.0


Welcome to my new Portfolio! This is my fourth installment since I have become a professional. I think I will continue to rebuild them as I progress my career to show off my new skills that I feel fit to display.

For this one, I decided I want to flex my Design and Marketing skills. I have narrowed my career path down to becoming the best Marketing Web Developer/Designer I can be. I have worked on the Marketing team for each of my jobs throughout my career and love it. It gives me a specialty and a bit of a hybrid role so it is super fun and exciting. I want to show to my future company that I specialize in a specific role so that I can end my career with my next company if I come across the perfect role. Please have a poke around. I focused on design thinking, where most employers look and click, and what exactly employers want to see. In addition, I added dynamic content, seo, page speed, and animations.