Out With The Old

About 2 years ago I decided to update my portfolio by moving from Jekyll to Hugo. My Jekyll site was hosted on GitHub pages and was very sluggish. It helped me land my first job as a Jr. Web Dev though! It was hard to maintain and looked like an early 2000’s site as I hadn’t yet learned any Design practices.

As mentioned, I created a new portfolio in Hugo but this time hosted it on Netlify for a better experience and maintenance. Hugo was a lot better as well. With a bit of a learning curve I created my own theme and it landed me my current Mid-level Web Developer job! You can take a look at it here.

I talked about it a little in my first post but I built this current portfolio for today’s best practices using speed, accessibly, which is huge, and SEO. My old one was more of me trying to flex my design chops. I hope to land a huge gig with a big company in my next journey utilizing my newly equipped React skills.